The FarmLind Difference: Farm Today…Yours Tomorrow!

Farm Today...Yours Tomorrow!

We are not your typical wholesaler, but rather a conduit and consultant to our partner Farmers and Customers. We are in constant back and forth contact with our customers and farmers with feedback, education and sharing best practices. We personally speak with every customer and go over the week’s availability, product movement, quality and any special needs.  Our tag line Farm Today…Yours Tomorrow! is not marketing; it is our strategy! 

During the local season, for example, we may take an order for lettuces in the morning, notify the grower that evening, who cuts fresh from the fields the following morning, washes, packs and hydrocools that afternoon for us to stage and load in the evening and deliver the next morning.  As you might expect, tomatoes are vine-ripened and we carry little to no inventory at the end of each order cycle.

In the off-season FarmLind has its own over-the-road transport company, as well as a network of trucking companies it uses to bring the same quality and freshness from Florida, not in the same 24-30 hours from the fields, but in less than three days.

With the close relationship with our growers, we make sure the product you pick up in the store looks like it just came out of the fields – a controlled process from Farm to Store!

Farmlind produce 24 hour fresh program

Are you offering consumers a better value proposition than competitors? 

It’s a balancing act to find the right focus between tonnage versus customer engagement and the “traffic” you are seeking. But this is where FarmLind can help. Quality should be a primary driver to get out of the gate and “Inspiration,” more than just value and convenience, will drive share of wallet in the “new normal.” We will work with you to provide the highest quality tonnage items and supplement with more SKUs that set you apart — Lead With “Inspiration” and Support With Tonnage.

The benefits are clear . . .

  • Happier Consumers who benefit from fresher, higher quality produce and greater selection;
  • Reduced Shrink from an extended shelf life and more enticing appearance;
  • Improved Sales from greater cross-sales of a broader product mix and enhanced product breadth and depth, ultimately with greater profitability.

We Put the PRO in Produce!