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Wholesale Produce for New Jersey Restaurants
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Matt’s Passion: To be the finest produce wholesaler for New Jersey restaurants & chefs

In 2007, Matthew Lind began working for a small local farm near his hometown of River Vale, New Jersey. After he became more involved with four farmer’s markets in Northern New Jersey, he discovered his passion for produce and interest in farming. And then he learned about the reliance that New Jersey Restaurants and chefs have upon the seasons that Mother Nature produces in the fields.

We are not your typical wholesaler, but rather a conduit and consultant to our partner Farmers and Chefs. We are in constant back and forth contact with our chefs and farmers with feedback, education and sharing best practices. We personally speak with every chef and go over the week’s availability, product movement, quality and any special needs.  Our tag line Farm Today…Yours Tomorrow! is not marketing; it is our strategy!

During the local season, for example, we may take an order for lettuces in the morning, notify the grower that evening, who cuts fresh from the fields the following morning, washes, packs and hydrocools that afternoon for us to stage and load in the evening and deliver to local NJ restaurants the next morning. As you might expect, tomatoes are vine-ripened and we carry little to no inventory at the end of each order cycle.!

In the off-season FarmLind has its own over-the-road transport company, as well as a network of trucking companies it uses to bring the same quality and freshness from Florida to New Jersey Restaurants, not in the same 24-30 hours from the fields, but in less than three days.

With the close relationship with our growers, we make sure the chef has access to produce looks and tastes like it just came out of the fields – a controlled process from Farm to Restaurant!

In their own words: New Jersey Restaurants & Chefs reveal some of their favorites | New Jersey Monthly


Chef: Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital · Somerset

Chef Peter of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset (RWJ) shows us how to make Blueberry Rosemary Soup with Toasted Hazelnuts. The hospital is the first in NJ to source local, Jersey Fresh produce for use in patient, employee and guest meals. RWJ also has a special relationship with Honey Brook Organic Farm. Jersey Fresh Blueberries are available from Farmlind Produce at certain times of the year. So, try something unique with a cold, summertime soup that adds depth of flavor to any meal. For the full recipe, visit: http://bit.ly/2xKLmEc


ChefFelina · Ridgewood 

If you’re looking for an elevated experience for a pizza night out, think about Razza in Jersey City. Their pizzas are awesome and consistent. But the other stuff is just as good—the chickpea salad, the kale Caesar, and the meatballs, for example. The bread and butter alone is amazing. They make both from scratch, and they’re worth paying for. On top of that, the bar program is completely underrated. The wine list is small, but very interesting and esoteric. And there are great cocktails. I’m also a big fan of Ani Ramen House, in all locations. The ramen bowls are awesome and totally dialed in. The shrimp buns are probably the most craveable thing in my world. The textural counterpoint between the crispy shrimp, the soft bun, and the sweet-spicy umami of the sauce—you get everything in one bite. You can just devour them.

Fresh Basil cultivated from Gro Rite Greens greenhouses

Wholesale Basil for New Jersey Restaurants

Wholesale Produce for New Jersey Restaurants