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Wholesale Produce for retail stores

“The latest report from FMI affirms that consumers like to have choices when buying produce. The data shows that about a third of shoppers bought a greater variety of vegetables (32%) and fruits (35%) last year, often driven by a desire for experimentation.” – Power of Produce

Matt’s Passion: To be the finest produce wholesaler for retail stores in the metro New York and New Jersey region

Given the importance of produce to store profitability and its ability to attract and retain traffic in the store, the “outer rim,” especially Produce, has become a key focus for successful supermarkets and the backbone strategy for gourmet markets.  Growers and sellers need to take more of a marketing approach to capture these benefits, rather than focus merely on price and volume. FarmLind Produce’s success is built on the long-term relationships we seek with both our growers and customers.

According to the Nielsen report 75% of shoppers say produce is their top priority. We understand how the move toward premiumization of food, including freshness, quality, less processed, and uniqueness positions your Produce Department as a differentiator, making the trip to the store more of an experience and destination versus just a “shopping list” to check-off anywhere. FarmLind Produce’s relationships with growers can make that experience more memorable.

Produce Managers know their fruits and vegetables | Frieda’s

Produce managers definitely know their produce. They can tell you what’s in peak season and when your favorite vegetables will be back in season. They also have the knowledge to help you pick the best fruits and vegetables from the shelf!

They provide inspiration for your next meal

Supermarket produce people know how to make those fruits and vegetables look enticing with creative and colorful displays. Merchandising these perishables could be considered an art form, and it may even inspire you to pick up something for a recipe you’ve been meaning to try. While not all produce staff are gourmet cooks, many do have a handy tip or two about the best way to store and prepare some of the fresh items in your basket. Ask your produce manager about his or her favorite recipe and try it out for yourself.

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