Farm Today…Yours Tomorrow!

Matt’s Passion: A Close, Consultative Approach with Farmers

In 2007, Matthew Lind began working for a small local farm near his hometown of River Vale, New Jersey. After he became more involved with four farmer’s markets in Northern New Jersey, he discovered his passion for produce and interest in farming. 

Four years later Matt moved out to Western Pennsylvania and began working for Yarnick’s Farm in Indiana, PA, learning everything, literally, from the “ground” up. He took good notes. He began to notice details about how different varieties of produce reacted to soil conditions, microclimate, and irrigation. He cultivated a curiosity about storage, too, and how temperature and humidity affect the quality of vegetables. It didn’t take long for him to follow his entrepreneurial instincts and connection to family, to hop in his SUV and head home for weekends. Of course, he was also loaded with the finest produce, including the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes for him to sell back home. 

Soon his SUV would become a pickup and a refrigerated trailer. By 2013 he owned his first box truck and partnered with his family to form FarmLind Produce, making the connection between farm and his last name in the title.  Today FarmLind buys from farms and sells to markets who share his passion for quality and service with its fleet of temperature-controlled trucks, which preserve the freshness and nutrition of the vegetables.

Yarnick’s Farm is where advanced, innovative farming techniques meet good old fashioned farm know-how to create the highest quality, best tasting vegetables and beef available anywhere! Dan has adapted some fairly high tech farming methods which allow Yarnick’s Farm to have vine ripened tomatoes 10 months out of the year and the earliest, freshest, sweetest corn a full month before other area farms.

In The Greenhouses
Yarnick’s Farm is well known for their true, vine-ripened tomatoes that “taste like a tomato should taste.” They grow their tomatoes, and other vegetables like cucumbers, eggplant, bib lettuce and hot peppers, hydroponically. Hydroponic means that they are grown without soil in a nutrient-rich water solution in a controlled environment.

The plants are grown from seeds in the starter greenhouse and “graduate” to the hydroponic greenhouse as seedlings. Seedlings are planted in a sterile rock wool made from melted igneous rock. A computer-controlled system provides water and a changing formula of nutrients to the plants through small plastic tubes. Each plant is pruned to a single leader that is trained to grow up and down a string and can grow to as much as 40 feet in length!