Locally grown produce has many benefits – economic, health, and environmental. The main health benefit is that it’s fresher. Fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients and even flavor within hours of being picked, so fresher produce is more nutritious. Locally grown food is also picked at its peak ripeness, when it’s most dense with nutrients and flavor components. We select our growers based upon the foods that they specialize in so that consumers will always have the freshest, most nutritious, and most flavorful food available!

FarmLind Transport Services travels regularly to the state of Florida during the winter months in the northeast. While the distance is great, our temperature-controlled fleet of trucks arrive at stores in the metro New York and New Jersey area within 72 hours – our guarantee to the consumer that the fruits and vegetables are at their peak in both flavor and nutrition!

Florida farmers, like C&B Farms seen below in the video, provide fresh produce (delivered by FarmLind Transport Services) during winter months for northeast communities. They arrive within 72 hours of harvest in the metro New York-New Jersey area.